iPad & The Power Of Velcro

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Ok, ridiculous title, but the video should make up for it.

Vimeo user Jesse Rosten, posted  this video about a month ago which I found rather amusing.  So, here it is for you to check out. Enjoy.

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Facebook Facts: Did You Know......?

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Did you know that the amount of hours spent on Facebook every month is 8.3 billion, or that Homer Simpson is the 2nd most popular Facebook page only topped by Michael Jackson?

How about this, 200 million users log onto Facebook every day. It's also the 2nd most visited website, behind Google and ahead of YouTube.

This Facebook Infographic has a lot of interesting facts you probably didn't know, but thanks to the team at Mashable, now you do.

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Insane PC Case Mods

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This originally came from PC World. Some really cool PC Case mods. Enjoy


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Well, it's finally been confirmed. I have a brain. In fact it appears perfect. Nothing in there that shouldn't be.

Getting that news was a huge relief, as it took months of waiting to get an MRI to rule out any possibility of a tumor or worse. Having to wait for any length of time after being told you need an MRI on your brain sends all kinds of thoughts and fears racing through your mind. I found it even began to affect my dreams. Then with an increased occurrence of not only falling asleep during the day, I started blacking out at times, losing upwards of 4 hours at a time.

It seems that the main culprit appears to be Fibromyalgia, which I was diagnosed with sometime beforehand. While I was aware of some of the things that would happen due to it, it turned out there was quite a lot I didn't know.

I came across a book about Fibromyalgia which not only explained a lot about what to expect but also answered a lot of questions and began to make sense of some other things that had been happening.

Strangely enough, that book was called "Fibromyalgia for Dummies". The fact that the "Dummies" series actually had a book on Fibromyalgia actually made me laugh. Certainly wasn't expected. But it is a very good book that anyone who has it, or maybe even anyone who knows someone who has it, should get hold of it.

Roland Staud, who wrote the book, gave me the impression that he was often defending those suffering with Fibromyalgia. That in itself was a surprise, as I haven't come across many books regarding pain conditions or depression or any other medical issues, that will openly defend those that are struggling to cope. That's a shame. There should be more like that.

Now, I do want to make completely clear that I have no idea who Roland Staud is. I've never emailed him or even read anything else he may have written. All I do know is he has written a good book that has helped me to understand more about Fibromyalgia than I was aware of. Not everything in the book applies to me, and it's quite likely there will be something that won't apply to many other readers, but the information and helpful advice alone has been eye-opening.

To be completely blunt, this post wasn't supposed to be about Fibromyalgia or the for Dummies book. It was supposed to be a somewhat light hearted post regarding my MRI outcome. I guess sometimes writing takes it's own path. Hopefully something in here was of some use to someone. If not, maybe the picture will give you a chuckle...

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You Rock Guitar: Now Gamers Can Be Musicians Too...

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The latest addition to the Guitar Hero or Rock Band gear, comes the You Rock Guitar.

Created by Inspired Instruments, this new guitar appears to be just another fancy addition to the Guitar Hero/Rock Band games. What sets the You Rock Guitar apart is that it can do a lot more than the standard guitar controller.

This new piece of electronic wizardry, combines everything that gamers need as well as something any actual guitar player can use to play or record with.

Featuring a built in effects unit with 100 different sounds, it also holds 25 preset songs to play to, as well as having Open Tunings & a Drop-D mode. A great feature is the Solo mode. You pick the key of whatever songs your playing and the guitar will mute the notes that don't belong in that key. You can still play them, they just won't make any sound. It's a great tool for anyone wanting to learn how to play guitar solos or different scale modes.

The guitar can be used on the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 & Sony PS3. A separate wireless connector for whichever console your using is plugged into the guitar. That one guitar can visit everyone's home and work on any of those 3 consoles.

On the bottom of the guitar, it has a guitar cable jack, a USB port, iPod input and headphones output so you can play along to your iPod. It also includes a MIDI output jack which can be used for recording. It can be run from a AC power adapter or 4-AA batteries. It can also be run using the power from your computer via the USB port.

According to info from the NAMM '10 show, it will retail for $199 USD.

The neck can be separated from the body for easy storage as the strings go into a connection point that plugs into the body connector where the other half of the strings are. Certainly something to surprise your friends with.

I don't know what the quality of the onboard sounds are like, but with the USB and MIDI options, it can be used to play sounds from outboard equipment or guitar effects software on your computer.

And perhaps the best feature of all for guitarists.... you don't have to tune it... ever!!

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photo credits: geeky-gadgets.com

Control Your iPhone With A Lego Steering Wheel

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This is pretty amusing and goes to show just what you can create when boredom sets in... Check out the video below.

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iPhone To Be Released In April... Or Early May

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Reports are starting to trickle in involving the release of Apple's latest iPhone.

Several French Phone Operators have made comments stating that the iPhone 4G will be available in May.

Meanwhile, one of the senior executives at Korean Telecoms stated that it was very likely we would see the iPhone 4G in April.

The reason for the earlier than usual release from Apple, is due to Google's huge wave of Android phones which are expected to wow consumers in June/July. Had Apple waited until the June/July original release date (like the last 3 releases), they may have been completely forgotten among the influx of new android phones and Google's advertisement & marketing push.

The new iPhone will feature an OLED screen, dual-core processors, live video chat, a 5 megapixel camera with flash as well as a camera on the front for video calls, bigger graphics chip, higher resolution & for the first time a removable battery.

I'm not completely confident about the removable battery as Apple had commented in the past about it having to be much bulkier to accomodate an external battery, but perhaps they listened to what the fans wanted...

Personally this is great news though. Our contract with our current provider ends in April, so if the iPhone 4G is released then it would be perfect timing. I'm hoping Australia gets in on the early release...

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